Dye-sensitized solar cells

Dye-sensitized solar cells (DSCs) are a strong contender for next-generation solar-cell technology. In particular, their transparent and low-cost nature affords them niche prospects for electricity-generating windows that will equip buildings for energy-sustainable future cities. Despite their vast industrial potential, DSC innovations are being held up by a lack of suitable light-harvesting dye chemicals for these photoelectrochemical devices.

Our research focuses on materials discovery of new classes of dyes, using a 'design-to-device' approach. The design element predicts new dyes at the molecular level, using data science via large-scale data-mining and in silico computational methods. The predicted materials are then manufactured and tested in DSC devices. The device results are fed back into our algorithms as a positive feedback-loop for further dye discovery.

A range of materials characterization efforts support this dye discovery by establishing structure-property relationships in case studies of DSC dyes which explain their underlying physics and chemistry. These relationships are grafted into algorithms that feed into the knowledge-base of dye discovery.

Selected publications

Advanced Energy Materials Cover

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A dye-sensitized cell using the N-719 dye.